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Therapist, Testing Clinician 

Ph.D. candidate, M.A. 

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate 


Individual Therapy (Adults, Adolescents)

Assessment (Children, Adolescents, Adults)


Initial Consultation (15 minutes) | Free

Intake session (60 minutes) | $260

Regular session (55 minutes) | $220


I provide services in English and am conversational in Mandarin


My Approach

I deeply value the connection and interactions I have with every client and as such, my primary approach revolves around our therapeutic relationship as the foundation of your healing. My goal is for our sessions to be collaborative and a safe space where you can freely explore your thoughts and emotions, while I offer you support and guidance as we navigate the path towards your goals together.  Every individual is unique, so I believe in tailoring my approach in a way that best fits each client's needs.  This means I will incorporate various therapeutic techniques depending on what we find will be most helpful for you.


How it is like working with me

I tend to be actively engaged as a guide and collaborator during sessions with the focus of meeting you where you are at and helping you reach your goals.  I am conversational and direct and will openly share my observations and thoughts throughout therapy, while also checking in with you to ensure we are addressing your needs.  Because I view therapy as a collaborative process, I invite you to similarly be open in what you find helpful or unhelpful so that we can better meet your needs.  Clients tend to describe me as authentic, empathetic, and compassionate.

My specialties

My education and training

  • ​Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University 

  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University 

  • Have rich experiences in various assessments.

Angel Li
李宏远 (she/her)

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