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Sunburst Psychology is a group practice that specializes in working with high-achieving individuals and couples in high-pressure industries. We provide individual therapy, couples therapy, and assessment to help those who never feel “good enough” and are exhausted from the constant worries to quiet down the mind to find real peace. We offer high-quality, collaborative, and customized mental health services to meet clients where they are with their own unique lived experiences and identities. 

We believe in the ripple effect. In our practice, we work with people in power, people with influence. If we can help them access their emotions and heal, how much impact will that have on the people they are mentoring and employing? How much impact will that have on their children, whose privilege will position them well to be part of the next generation of leaders? Healing is for everyone, and every person impacted by the power of transformational healing can in turn transform their world.

We offer a welcoming, compassionate, and collaborative work environment to clinicians and support staff. We are a community of individuals who see each other’s light, help each other grow, and celebrate each of our own journeys. We believe that when you feel empowered and valued, you bring the best version of yourself to the important work that you do. 


Sunburst Psychology provides a variety of psychological services, including individual therapy, relationship therapy, psychological assessment, and workshops/trainings/consultation. We offer both in-person and virtual appointments. Our clinicians are relational and process-oriented, and we welcome clinicians with diverse training and work experiences.  

Below are our open positions. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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