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Postdoctoral Resident

We are seeking a Postdoctoral Residents to join our community. We are looking for residents who are compassionate, excited about working with diverse clients, and committed to lifelong learning. Individuals who are detail oriented, with a good sense of humor, willing to be vulnerable and authentic, passionate, and enjoy the process of growth will likely thrive in this community.  This job is ideal for someone who enjoy providing relational and process-oriented styles of treatment, is looking for a community of like-minded clinicians, and wants an opportunity to focus on the clinical aspects of this profession. 


Applicants who have experience working with perfectionism, are multilingual, or have lived/professional experiences in multilingual environments are strongly encouraged to apply. 

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provide professional and ethical clinical services to clients (25 clinical hours per week);

  • Respond to emails, contacts, and requests from clients in a timely manner;

  • Reliable and timely attendance to clinical sessions and non-clinical meetings (i.e. 1-on-1 meetings, supervision, staff meetings);

  • Timely completion of clinical and other related tasks (clinical paperwork and administrative tasks); 

  • Collaborate and coordinate with colleagues within and outside of the group practice for client care as needed;

  • Adherence to all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics.


Required qualifications: 

  • Doctoral degree in clinical or counseling psychology;

  • Strong clinical skills to provide quality mental health services;

  • Experiences working with perfectionism, anxiety, trauma, and neurodiversity;

  • Experiences providing mental health services to clients from diverse backgrounds and with diverse identities, including but not limited to immigrants, intercultural couples, queer folx, and racial minorities;

  • Demonstrate a therapeutic niche or strong interest in developing a specialty;

  • Demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and growth; especially in regards to awareness of bias and limitations;

  • With resources needed to provide virtual services (electronic device, high-speed internet connection, private spaces without interruption);

  • Demonstrate the following characteristics: strong interpersonal skills, reliable, detail-oriented, flexible, autonomous, proactive, people-oriented.


Preferred qualifications: 

  • Experience conducting clinical services utilizing a non-English language, especially Mandarin;

  • Experience providing clinical services to couples;

  • Experience providing psychological assessments; 

  • Experience providing specialized treatment modalities; 

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding about intersectional identities and cultural diversities outside of the American context; 

  • Demonstrate the following characteristics: honest, genuine, humble, kind, curious, committed, enthusiastic. 



Competitive salary of $100 per hour for clinical services based on current license, years of experience, specialized area, and $17 per hour for administrative tasks. The salary ranges from $90,000 to $125,000 per year pre-tax for full-time employees.
We know numbers can be confusing. To practice full transparency, we want to give an example of how full-time employees make their salary. 
Example :  
Clinical hourly pay--$100 
Clinical hours worked per week--25 hours
Weeks worked in a year--48 weeks
Annual salary--$100/hour x 25hrs/week x 48wks/yr = $120,000 (plus paid administrative time stipends, training, and insurances) 



  • Flexible schedule—you get to choose what dates and time you’d like to work;

  • Paid sick leave and Family and Medical Leave;

  • Paid administrative time;

  • Life insurance;

  • Disability insurance;

  • Monthly stipend for healthcare insurances and healthcare services;

  • Annual stipend for continuing education and professional training; 

  • Worker’s comp insurance;

  • Fully furnished office, front desk staff, waiting room, and office supplies (there’s a potential to choose your own office location as the group expands);

  • Professional marketing and branding;

  • Client screening and matching based on your preferred areas of focus;

  • HIPPA compliant electronic record keeping tools;

  • HIPPA compliant video conferencing platform;

  • Automatic payment processing;

  • Clinical and professional support through bi-weekly consultation meetings;

  • In-person team gatherings and social events;

  • Strong sense of community and connection with like-minded colleagues;

  • Opportunities for advancement into leadership positions in the practice;

  • Other benefits will become available as the practice grows.



Choose your own hours 


Work location: 

Hybrid—remote and in-person (Seattle, WA)

Application packet requirements:

  • Please fill out the Job Application Form here and upload your resume/CV and cover letter.

*Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. 

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